Donna Sullivan Owner Hushwear South Africa

About Us​

With Hushwear, you empower yourself by reflecting on the strong, daring, and playful parts of your unique personality. Attract attention with our range of comfortable, colourful, durable gym wear for women and underwear for men and boys. Exuberate adventure and confidence, because you’re brave enough.

Donna Sullivan owned FLATLINE, which was about empowering teens to believe in their self-worth, to take their frustrations in life outside and to find out exactly who they were by supporting them and believing in them against the odds in extreme sports. Where winning isn’t 1st prize but not quitting and having the courage to get on the start line is.

HUSH – seemed like a natural progression from the above, incorporating Ladies Wear and HUSH also had more Infrastructure, (or that how I looked at it) which FLATLINE didn’t have.

So combining FLATLINE into HUSH with the same ideals and passions. I will bring in ladies’ underwear eventually as well as other items of Athleisure.

Our Mission

Hushwear is a company that produces comfortable quality athleisure clothing for women and underwear for men. Wearing it affirms originality and uniqueness and points to those who are willing to make a statement in order to change the world.

Our Vision

Hushwear produces comfortable, long-lasting clothing that encourages people to feel free to be vibrant, colourful, and authentically themselves in every setting.


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