“Because You’re Brave Enough”

Mr Flat meets Miss Hush

Flatline and Hushwear has merged! The men’s vibrant, fun and energising underwear, meets the women’s colourful, interesting and playful activewear.

The Vision of our quality products is to help the stars of tomorrow, build their dreams by providing a simple yet bold product! Life throws many challenges at us and can make one easily feel misunderstood, lonely and even unnoticed. However, we know that each one of us has a star waiting to erupt from within!

What Makes Hush Worth Wearing?

The Men’s Underpants & Boys’ Underpants:

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  1. The fabric has the ability to move and stretch with each individual body size and shape (the men’s wear is lightweight, at 185gsm; 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex)
  2. It has a four-way stretch, is soft and very durable
  3. The fabric dye process will not fade over time
  4. The bands are made of a plush elastic, with a soft touch to the skin
  5. The care label has been printed on the inside of the garment. So, no irritating tags
  6. Available in vibrant colours
  7. Is locally made, in South Africa
  8. A definite new style for men
  9. Conveniently available through online shopping

The Ladies’ Athleisure Wear:

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  1. The fabric is the same as the men’s and will move and stretch with each unique body size and shape. It is also of a heavier nature, at 320gsm; 85% Polyester & 15% Spandex
  2. It is extremely durable
  3. Provides compression and support, where ladies need it the most
  4. The fabric is soft and not see-through
  5. Available in vibrant colours and shades
  6. Is locally made, in South Africa
  7. Conveniently available through online shopping

Interestingly enough, Mr Price Clothing has shown the public that affordable clothing can be long-lasting.

The Happy Hush Tribe

We have customers who first began wearing our products while they compete in their specialised sport. All of them have now made the product part of their everyday wear. These designs are not only made with comfort in mind, but also with personality and mood in mind.

One of our extreme adventure sport customers told us that he wears his Flatline men’s underwear trunks as a fashion statement – under his day-to-day shorts and allowing a section of it to stick out, subtly revealing a small part of his individuality. He appreciates that it causes people to do a double-take and notice him – because the product is a partial reflection of him.

Locally Made Athleisure Wear

Hushwear is not only locally made, but it empowers you to reflect your strengths, your courage and the fun-loving side of who you are. We want you to be triumphant in your adventures, with continual confidence… and one proven important ingredient is, to surround yourself with colour and comfort… and we can help you do exactly that, with our colourful tights, leggings, crop tops, workout gear and men’s underwear.

The Heart of Hush

Our Activewear and Gym wear has been designed for Everyday wear, to help those wearing it to live with comfort and confidence. The Owner, Donna, believes in the product with such passion, that she has dubbed it “Free-wear”.  

The unique, colourful and durable prints, have especially been designed for all types of personalities and activities. The interesting and beautiful prints helps one express one’s uniqueness, without saying a word. It gently pushes each individual towards being, or reaching, their authentic self – wherever you may find yourself and with whomever you may find yourself.

“Free-wear” is popular for its positive effect on a person’s self-confidence. Secretly and emotionally playing a role in encouraging and uplifting lives – helping them either reach the starting line, or finish line, of a sports challenge, or continue with life’s adventure of self-discovery.

You are Brave Enough

Bravery is born within, but no-one is condemned for receiving a little help – Our colourful and unique ranges help push an individual into being brave enough to pursue their desired lifestyle – not only to wear unique underwear, gym wear, or activewear, but to drive themselves to achieve their best in the sport they love – it can be any sport or activity – from riding a  Motorbike to climbing Table Mountain; from surfing a big wave to paragliding off a mountain. 

Our aim is to help you feel confident, capable and comfortable, whether at work or at play! You are a unique individual and whilst wearing our fun, strange, colourful and unique “Free-wear”, you will confidently “smile and wave” at those who stare in wonder.

“Hushwear is about helping you feel comfortable, whether at work or play, and being able to smile at yourself when people look and stare.” Donna Sullivan – Owner of Hushwear

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Written by: Tershia de Klerk

Editor & Copywriter

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